Termite Control Perth

Have you ever had one of those house-guests like termites that you never invited?

A wooden house and the right weather conditions in Perth are all termites need to take up residence and begin causing big problems. The only thing they do all day is eat your house and procreate.

Just like you, termites need food and water to live. The favoured food source of the termite happens to be wood. Termites are attracted to the cellulose in wood, from which they derive sugar. For water, termites rely on rain, leaky faucets and standing water outdoors.

One of the biggest problems with termites is that you may not even see them. They won’t knock on your door politely asking to come in. There may be no signs of their presence at all, but the damage is being done.

Eliminating termites once they have moved in can be costly and stressful. It is far better to prevent termites from setting up camp in the first place.

What to do if you come across a Termite infestation?

First of all, do not panic. As luck would have it, termites enjoy tasting what they consume and are sluggish feeders.  Experts say it takes five years for a colony to be absolutely destructive.  Contact a professional pest control company for advice pertinent to your individual circumstances.

If you find a colony of termites in your home, trying to destroy them yourself can be counterproductive. It is very difficult to destroy them all and if any remain, often hidden in the soil, they will return with a vengeance to finish the job.

Treating Termites is a complex process, control occurs over a period of time. Do-it-yourself products and deterrents tend to be ineffective because more often than not you are only treating the pests you see.

What to do?

Consult with us and seek our advice. We can provide you with a range of solutions some of which you could carry out yourself at little or no cost. Some of the solutions which we carry out might appear costly but when measured against the asset you are having protected then the cost is very low.

Call the professionals today on (08)9313-2871 and take a proactive stance when it comes to termites, we will take care of a small problem before it becomes a big one!

Termite Control Perth

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