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It won’t be long now before we get bee madness again in Perth, Bees swarm from mid spring, through summer. Usually swarming takes places because the colony (hive) has grown too large, and some bees will divide off and leave to find another site to establish a new colony.

Physically removing an established colony of bees from a wall void, chimney or hollow tree is possible, but considering factors of safety to the public, operator or apiarist, in most cases, it is not economical or practical to try and perform this task, as sections of the wall, chimney or tree would need to be removed.

Perth Bee removal services from Chambers Pest Control Extermination Perth Solutions can prevent painful insect attacks. While most stinging and biting pests don’t present a significant risk to many people, their attacks can be dangerous to some.

A bee can only sting once. It stings, flies away and dies, but leaves the stinger behind. The stinger has tiny hooks and a poison sac. The stinger keeps on pumping poison until it is removed.

Bee Removal Perth

  • Although not easy to do, beekeepers are sometimes able to remove the bees from the wall. Often they are not interested, especially if the bees have not come from a professional hive, as wild bees tend to be more aggressive.
  • Call in a pest controller. Not all pest controllers will attend to bee problems, as almost invariably they will be stung. Although it is not a pleasant experience to harm beneficial insects, the pest controller will have little choice but to destroy the hive.

Neat Facts About Bees

  • The male bees in the hive are called drones. Their job in the hive is to find a queen to mate with. Male bees fly out and meet in special drone congregation areas where they hope to meet a queen. Male drone bees don’t have a stinger.
  • If a worker bee uses her stinger, she will die.
  • Bees are classified as insects and they have six legs.
  • Bees have 2 pairs of wings. The wings have tiny teeth so they can lock together when the bee is flying.
  • Bees communicate through chemical scents called pheromones and through special bee dances.

Chambers Bee removal services in Perth also control the bee population at your workplace or home. Keep customers and staff pest-free with bee extermination from an industry leader call us today on (08) 9313-2871 for a free quote.

Pest Control Extermination Perth | Bee Removal Services Perth

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