Pre-Purchase White Ant Inspection Perth

Over the next couple of months homeowners in Perth should be on the lookout for termite activity. Early spring is when these insects start their annual flights.

With plenty of moisture in the air and daily temperatures rising slowly as summer approaches, the conditions are ideal for termites as they scout for new food, search for places to live and establish new colonies.

Each year termites cause in excess of $900 million damage to Australian homes, and not always to older homes in established areas which is a common misperception. A competent pest controller can provide you with a report on possibly termite activity in your home or yard and precautionary actions to prevent infestations.

These actions can involve inspecting the dwelling, including the roof void, below the floor if applicable and areas up to 50 meters from the main building.

In Perth, Western Australia it is common for homebuyers to obtain a pre-purchase termite inspection as a condition of the property sale.

These inspections should be carried out in accordance with Australian Standards ‘4349.3’ which reports on termites, borers, fungal decay, moisture, chemical delignification (where timber deteriorates due to salty ocean air or excessive car fumes from busy roads), and other items related to conducive conditions.

A Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspection Perth is normally a visual inspection only, although more invasive inspections can be requested or recommended.The purchaser should understand the limitations of the inspection and a pre-engagement document may be offered.

To assist with this, the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia has drafted a standard clause called the ‘Timber Pest Pre-purchase Inspection Clause.’

It is a condition of the contract that a report is obtained from a licensed pest control operator at the purchaser’s expense within a given time period. Usually this is not more than five business days before settlement.

The Termite Clearance Clause requires certification that all structural improvements are free from termite activity on the date of inspection and whether there was any previous damage.

The Timber Test Pre-purchase Inspection clause requires that the inspection covers termites and all other likely timber pests. If either report uncovers any termite or pest activity or damage to the structural improvements, the seller will be required to remedy the situation at the seller’s expense.

If the seller declines to take appropriate action then the purchaser can cancel the contract.

The REIWA standard clause is only a recommended clause and purchasers are free to choose their own set of words to form a condition of the sale.

Equally, a purchaser can choose not to have any pest inspection form part of the contract if it is felt unnecessary, such as with a newly built home or one made entirely of bricks and concrete.

For more information regarding Pre Purchase timber pest inspections call Chambers Pest Solutions today (08) 9313-2871

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