General Pest Control Treatments

It’s that time of the year again in Perth. Temperatures are holding at a comfortable mid-20’s, the sun casts a nice warm glow balanced by a cool breeze, and pests are beginning to rally!

This is the time of year when invading insects and termite populations start to expand, bees and wasps breed and spiders crawl everywhere around your Perth property.

At Chambers Pest Control Perth we have created a proactive program addressing the changes in pest behavior from season to season. Instead of using the same general pest treatment over and over, season after season, the Chambers Pest Control Perth team uses a series of high quality products on an alternating schedule to prevent insect resistance.

We treat the outside of your foundation to protect against insects that crawl up the outside of your home.  We inspect accessible roof voids to ensure that there are no breeding areas, signs of rodents or insect infestations.

All of our general pest control treatments are environmentally friendly and safe for you, your family and your pets. The products we use for general pest services include baits and both liquids and powder/dust insecticides. Of course, all of our work is backed by our 90 day written warranty.

The general pest service Perth is not just for homes with current insect problems.  This service is most effective as a preventative.  Insects are constantly searching for places to live that offer food, shelter, water and an acceptable climate.  As bugs forage into your home and cross the treated surfaces, they are eliminated preventing reproduction and major infestations.

An effective general pest treatment requires correct pest identification, our technicians will identify your pest problems and apply the appropriate treatment to give you the best possible result, if your currently sick off pest’s crawling around your home give us a call for a free quote today (08) 9313-2871

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