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Remove Wasp Nest in a Safe Way from Wasp Control Perth Professionals

Wasp Control Services Perth

Stop wasps from hovering around your area:

You see a few wasps are flying in the children’s park. No one pays attention to it and one day, you hear that many kids have been stung by wasps. After some days, you see wasps are flying in your housing colony. In the late summer or early autumn, wasps become active and therefore, we see wasps flying all over in your surroundings. Wasps, hornets and bees more or less look alike. Therefore, people find difficult to identify the flying species. There are many people who do not understand whether there is an infestation of bees or wasps. To make you identify wasps and to get wasps out of your area, you should get in touch with our pest controllers. Why waste time in searching other pest control companies when the Chambers pest control solution is there to fix all your pest issues? The wasp control Perth servicemen of our pest control company will arrive at your location to implement the best wasp control services on the infested spots of wasps. Whether the wasps are troubling you in your housing colony or troubling your kids in the park, our pest officers will remove wasps and their nests from all places. After using our treatment plans, you will be able to walk in your territory with ease. Use our specialized wasp control solutions to see the difference.

A quick view on wasps:

Usually, the wasp insects do not fly in groups. When the colony of wasps gets extended in a large number, then you see wasps flying in groups. The nests of wasps look like a ball. The nests are hung from a tree. Sometimes, the nests are also seen on the structures of homes and outside the building.

Wasp species of your area:

Without disturbing the wasps, our professionals will eliminate wasp insects in an effective manner. By knowing the infestation signs of wasps and by looking at the wasp specie, our pest officers will be able to treat your living zone from the issues of wasp invasion. The wasp species such as spider wasps, solitary wasps, ground wasps, paper wasps, red wasps, parasitic wasps and social wasps are found to be present in the location of Perth.

Pest control can save you from wasp troubles:

Call in our wasp professionals to treat the infestation sites. Our pest inspectors will inspect the wasp nests with specialized equipment designed for wasps. After the inspection is over, then they will start their treatment plans which are a vital part of the wasp control services. Our team of pest servicemen is highly trained in the elimination of wasp nests. By using our earth-friendly wasp pesticides, the nests and wasps will be eliminated. The use of the pest treatments will prevent wasps from coming back into your territory. Book our wasp services now to avail attractive discount offers.

How to Get Rid of Cicada Killer Wasps

Wasp Control Services Perth

In the middle of the summer, many of you may have seen gigantic wasps invading your property. These wasps are called ground digging wasps or cicada killer wasps. They are capable of growing to an amazing 3 inches in size. While their size appears horrifying, many experts say that they are quite harmless.

Despite the fact that the cicada killers are harmless, the mere presence of these pests will create havoc in the minds of some people. To give yourself peace of mind, there are various ways you can get rid of this pest without going through the hassle of hiring a pest control expert. Hire  Wasp Removal Perth service providers.

You can efficiently get rid of these pests provided you have proper planning and the right tools.

Before starting your endeavor, know your enemy. The cicada killer wasps can mostly be seen during the day while they hunt for their prey. They stay at their homes during the night.

Their homes consist of holes the size of a nickel in our yard. There is usually a pile of loose dirt around the entrance of their homes. The holes are normally 6-8 inches deep.

If there are cicada killer wasps in your backyard, you will definitely know. They are very large when compared to the regular wasps. They fly very fast and dive extremely close to your body when you’re near them.

Locate all the holes or mounds of dirt during the day so that you can attack at night. Once you’re sure they’ve returned to their homes at night, Once you feel that all the wasps have returned to their homes, and it is the right time to attack. Take a flashlight and a hornet spray to attack.

Use a hornet spray that will kill on contact and has a range of 15 feet. Spray an ample amount of hornet spray into the holes.

If you don’t think hornet spray will work out for you, then you can use boric acid. It is available at local drugstores. The main advantage of using boric acid is that it kills newly hatched wasps as well as adult cicada killer wasps.


Irrespective of the method you are using, make sure that you attack the wasps during the night time. After your attack, you will see a decrease in the number of wasps that fly around. Keep repeating the attacks for successful elimination of all the cicada killers.

If you tried attacking the cicada killer wasps but got not result, then you may have to hire an exterminator. The increased cost is the only disadvantage in hiring pest control experts. However, there are discounts offered by Wasp Removal Perth service providers. Do try them out!