What is Included in Rodent Control?


Rodent problems are becoming more and more prevalent in various cities, with Perth being no exception. It’s hard to imagine how these tiny creatures can cause such a significant disturbance and pose a threat to human health, but it’s a reality that residents need to deal with. 

In this blog, we aim to shed light on what rodent control in Perth entails and provide practical tips to help homeowners deal with rodent infestations effectively. From prevention to extermination, we’ll cover everything you need to know about keeping your home and family safe from these pesky creatures.

Understanding Rodent Control

Rodent control Perth is an essential aspect of pest management, especially in areas that are prone to rodent infestation. It refers to the practices that are applied to prevent, reduce, or eliminate rodents from homes, commercial buildings, and public spaces. Rodents are known carriers of diseases, and they could also cause structural damage to buildings. Therefore, understanding this practice is crucial for ensuring the safety of one’s property and health. In Perth, several methods are used to control rodents, including trapping, baiting, and exclusion.

The effective methods require a combination of those mentioned above and may require the intervention of professionals experienced for this task. By understanding rodent control principles and utilising effective practices, a property owner can prevent a rodent infestation, ensuring a hygienic and healthy environment.

The Rodent Control Process

  1. Inspection

When it comes to rodent pest control, the first step is crucial in ensuring effectiveness. Identifying the type of rodent infesting your home or workplace can dictate the course of action needed for control. Knowing the extent of the infestation can also guide you in determining the amount of effort needed to eradicate the pests. Lastly, identifying possible entry points is essential in preventing future invasions. 

  1. Exclusion

One crucial step in the rodent control process is sealing all potential points of entry to prevent any further intrusion. This process involves a thorough inspection of the building to look for any cracks, crevices, or openings that could serve as an entryway for rodents. Once identified, these points are sealed using appropriate materials to prevent rats and other rodents from gaining access. By taking this essential step, residents of Perth can have peace of mind, knowing that their property is protected from these unwanted invaders.

  1. Trapping and Removal

When it comes to controlling rodents in Perth, trapping and removal are two of the most effective and humane methods. Fortunately, there are various ways to trap and remove rodents that don’t require any harmful chemicals or poisons. From snap traps and glue boards to live traps and catch-and-release systems, there are plenty of options to suit your needs. The key is to make sure you’re using the right type of trap for the species you’re dealing with and to handle the rodents carefully and safely once they’ve been caught. 

  1. Sanitation

When it comes to rodent control, it’s not just about catching the pesky critters. An often overlooked but crucial part of the process is cleaning up the mess they leave behind. Rodent droppings and urine can carry a variety of diseases, making it essential to thoroughly clean and sanitize any infested areas. This is where a trusted and efficient rodent control service can make a difference. By removing the source of the problem, including any hazardous waste, they can help ensure your home or business is safe and healthy for all occupants.

  1. Prevention Measures

After rodent control treatment, it’s important to take preventative measures to ensure that future infestations do not occur. Keeping a clean and clutter-free environment is crucial in preventing rodents from being attracted to your property. Regular inspections and maintenance of your property’s exterior can also help detect any signs of rodent activity early on. 


Given the complexity of the task, it’s beneficial to seek the expertise of professional pest control services at Chamber Pest Control Perth. Our professionals have the training, experience, and equipment necessary to handle rodent infestations in the most effective manner.

They not only help in eliminating the current rodent population but also work on ensuring that such infestations do not recur by assessing and addressing potential risk factors at your property. Give us a call now at 08 9313 2871 or contact us by using this form

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