Top 10 Pest Control Tips in Perth

Pest Control

Keeping Pests Out Of Your Perth Home:
10 Pest Control Tips From Chambers Pest Solutions


Here are 10 great tips to help prevent pests from ever entering your Perth home this summer:

  • Keep the floors clean: wipe up any spills immediately using soap and water not just a rag. Clean the entire flooring at least once a week and the kitchen floor at least twice a week.
  • Take out the rubbish: every day, do not leave scraps and rubbish in your home overnight. This includes all rubbish bins not just in the kitchen.
  • Clutter: Remove extra clutter from your home.  Get rid of items that are old and damaged and find a great charity to donate the rest.
  • Keep the sink clean: wash dishes daily. If you cannot clean the dishes, then at least fill the sink with soap and water and soak them.
  • Keep a tight lid on things: make sure all food and beverage containers kept outside of the refrigerator are tightly sealed. Keep bags of cereal, seeds and grains in a sealed container.
  • Keep things dry: make sure the bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms are dry.  Fix leaks immediately and wipe up any spills or splashes at once.
  • Seal up the house: use caulk to seal up any cracks on baseboards, cabinets, pipes, ducts, and fittings inside the home. Check outside and caulk all doorframes, window frames, roof joints and any visible cracks on the exterior surface.
  • Recycled Items: It is preferable to store recyclables outside and away from your home. If this is not possible, ensure that all containers are thoroughly rinsed and that the recycling bin has a tight-fitting lid. All recycling and trash containers should also be rodent proof and cleaned frequently.
  • Watch what you bring into the home: many people unknowingly bring in insects or insect eggs when buying fruits and vegetables. Boxes or bags used to bring home these items can many times harbor pests or eggs. Once in your home, they multiply and can cause infestations. German roaches are especially prone to be brought in this way.
  • Cleanliness: The cleaner your home, the less attraction it will have for pests, the less chance a pest will have to live and breed – and the less likely it will be that you would need to go on the defense and pull out a can of bug spray or call a pest control professional.

Just like humans, insects need food, water and shelter to survive. By eliminating their food supply and getting rid of bug’s favorite hiding spots, you can reduce the risk that insects will take up residence in your home. Call the professionals today for a free quote (08) 9313-2871

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