Summer’s early – so are the pests!

Pest Control in Perth

Unfortunately, the downside is that warmer temperatures have brought out pests typically active later in the year. On this list – flies, cockroaches, ants and mosquitoes.

Chambers Pest Solutions recommends the following to prevent a bad case of summer pests:

  • Be attentive about your food – as soon as used, put back in the fridge/freezer and store in airtight containers, clean dishes as soon as possible

  • Surface spray around the interior and exterior perimeter of your house

  • Clear away debris in the garden

  • Ensure there is no stagnant water in your garden

Summer pests are bothersome, but also pose serious health risks to you and your family. Mosquitoes carry blood borne diseases. Flies and cockroaches carry pestilence.

Our Integrated Pest Management Program is designed to protect you and your family against these warm weather nasties. Prevention and early detection are always better than battling an establish pest population.

Contact us – we’d love to have a chat about beating the summer pests!

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