Summer Pests to Look Out For

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To begin with, there is the popular and frightening redback spider, known as after the very long red mark on the adult female’s back. They are not merely extremely deadly, but cannibals as well — the female consumes the male whilst they mate — gradually. Because they love living close to human beings, they are primarily to be present in city areas. Redbacks are nighttime creatures and their biggest prey are bugs, which they catch in their webs and then kill with venom. They breed throughout every season, but mainly during the summer. Around two thousand individuals per year are hospitalised just after getting bitten, but no body has perished from a redback bite for more than fifty decades, given that the antivenom was launched. Even though these crawlers are not normally hostile, it is better to call out professional pest controls to take care of them securely. There are other pests that love the summer heat such as:

  • Wasps

Wasps can be found in summer too — there is not a good chance of becoming stung by a single wasp, but territories of paper wasps develop wide nests and have a tendency to grow to be hostile mass disrupted. Their sting is terrible and can trigger anaphylactic shock, that might be fatal without medical help. Damaging the nests can be hazardous and should certainly simply be carried out by professionals putting on protective equipment.

  • Cockroaches

Cockroaches love dark, wet places near meals — as well as the hotter the much better. The Australian summer actually fits them, just as it fits bugs and ticks too. There is a danger called Lyme’s Disease for people and tick fever or dog piroplasmosis for dogs — ponies and donkeys can be impacted too. You need to take care of dogs on a regular basis to protect against fleas during the summer too.

  • Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes can be located almost everywhere hot and humid — in the end, they’ve been with us for more than thirty billion decades! They are lured by warm, perspiration and vibrant tints. Normally mosquitoes are just irritating as they burn, buzz, hum and whine irritatingly, and could be repulsed by repellent, but they can bring  Ross River virus, dengue fever, yellow fever, malaria Zika virus and something called “Murray Valley” encephalitis.

  • Rodents

Rats, mice and rodents will frequently live close to open up food sources. Rodents are also fast to procreate. Rodents convey disease and bacteria when you look at the path they walk from urine, droppings and filth through the area they inhabit. A standard indication of a rodent infestation destroyed electrical cables, seals, food containers, make sure you be in search of rodent droppings as well.   In order to prevent these fury vermin within your property, ensure to help keep all food in sealed containers, pay extra focus on cleaning every single of the surface, particularly surfaces for which food will come in experience of, remove every area rodents can be seeking shelter. For the best preventative and upkeep, use expert pest control services to avoid the rodents from inhabiting your restaurant.


Don’t deal with serious infestations yourself. You can trust the professional pest control team to handle the problem. Make sure you get in touch with a specialist pest control company like Chambers Pest Solutions to get rid of all types of pests throughout the summer (or even Winter) Perth wide area. Be it insects or rodents, summer or winter. We specialize in a variety of residential & commercial pest control, and our experienced and knowledgeable staff receives ongoing training to provide the most up-to-date methods for pest control

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