Prevent Termite Infestation Before It’s Too Late!

Prevention is better than cure! Therefore don’t wait till it’s too late. Once a house is attacked by termites, a very strenuous procedure is required to get rid of them. You will save a lot more time, energy and money by hiring Chambers Pest Solutions for our termite inspection services in Perth.

If not, like with our sicknesses, the house will be beyond healing. So make sure you pay adequate attention to the health of your house. If not you will regret it one day. When termites attack, they destroy everything in their path, from floorboards, cupboards, furniture to books. They will have no mercy on you. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

If you are buying a new property in Perth, you cannot always trust the real estate agent’s claim that the property is termite-free. To be 100% sure that you are not getting yourself into a whole load of future trouble, you should get the house and the premises inspected for termites.

After having inspected your property we will make our written report available within 24 hours. We can even email, fax or mail the report to the client or to a client’s representative at the client’s request.

We use following as guidelines for our pre purchase structural reports:

  • Current Australian Standard AS 4349.3 2007 Pre purchase inspections – Residential buildings
  • REIWA Australian standard pre-purchase significant defects report annexure 

For more information on getting termite inspection in Perth simply call Chambers Pest Solutions today on (08) 9313 2871 or 0411 441 802. You can even email us at or book an inspection on our online website.

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