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Pest Control Perth WA

There are various animals and insects that we associate with being pests due to their destructive nature or because they can carry disease. Chambers Pest Control in Perth uses integrated pest management solutions where possible meaning we don’t just remove the pest but we also take measures such as regular inspections, barriers and pre-emptive baiting to ensure your home or business stays pest free.

Our Pest Management Service offers the highest level of protection to the food, non-food industries, warehouses, hotels and residential premises etc.

At Chambers Pest Solutions, you are always in safe hands. We have a huge team of
experts who always carry the photo ID to ensure the safety of the customers. For
pest control and prevention, we are the right choice. Please view our site or contact for a free quote today (08)9313-2871

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Residential Inspections

Residential Inspections

Residential pest Inspections in your home is highly important in maintaining the value of your home and the safety of your family.

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Property Inspections

Property Inspections

Property pest inspection is important for affordable pest control services. Find safe and reliable services for residential & commercial with environmentally.

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Commercial Inspections

Commercial Inspections

Pest Control inspection from the experts, providing professional pest control solutions to your homes and businesses across Western Australia.

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we offer

complex approach to pest control

  • Pest Control Perth

    Ant control

    Ants are extremely annoying. If you are having trouble with the annoying ants, it’s the very right time to speak with the experts of CHAMBERS PEST SOLUTIONS. We’ll give you the best assistance within 24 hours.

  • Pest Control Perth

    Bed Bug control

    For homeowners who are staying with bed bugs in the home, the very first thing they want is to get rid of them. At CHAMBERS PEST SOLUTIONS, we do understand how annoying bed bugs can be. Speak with our experts to get rid of the problem now.

  • Pest Control Perth

    Bees and Wasps control

    Wasps can attack you in large numbers if their nest is disturbed. This is one of the major reasons why you should control them before they become more aggressive. At CHAMBERS PEST SOLUTIONS, we can offer the safest solution to get rid of the bees and wasps.

  • Pest Control Perth

    Cockroaches Control Perth

    If you have found cockroaches in your home or office space, professional treatments is one of the best long-term solutions which can help you get rid of the unwanted pests. At CHAMBERS PEST SOLUTIONS, we offer the best solutions to treat the cockroach infestation and can eliminate them completely.

  • Pest Control Perth

    Flea control

    Fleas are something very common in every household, especially if you have pets in your home. If you are looking for help to deal with the fleas, we are always there to give you the best assistance. At CHAMBERS PEST SOLUTIONS, we offer the safest and most effective treatment to eliminate pests.

  • Pest Control Perth

    Insects Control

    Insects such as cockroaches or termites, can carry different kind of diseases i.e. typhoid, salmonella etc. This is one of the major reasons why you should immediately control them. At CHAMBERS PEST SOLUTIONS, we make use of environment-friendly products to control the insects in your home.

  • Pest Control Perth

    Rodents control Perth

    More than 100,000 people have chosen the experts of CHAMBERS PEST SOLUTIONS to deal with rodent control problems. At CHAMBERS PEST SOLUTIONS, we make use of the best products or treatments to solve the problem.

  • Pest Control Perth

    Spider control

    Spiders are one of the most annoying pests which many people are scared of. Unfortunately, it’s their poisonous bite which requires immediate medical attention. That is exactly why you should consult the experts of CHAMBERS PEST CONTROL if you want to get rid of the spiders.

  • Pest Control Perth

    Termites control

    If you are living in a home which is made of “wood”, then chances are that there are termites in your home. If the answer is “yes”, you should immediately hire termite control experts of CHAMBERS PEST SOLUTIONS who can help you get rid of them.

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  • Excellent service and will recommend to other people"

    Marnee Nolan, Bicton

  • What a good experience. Inspector was early and very thorough."

    Jono Boswell, Greenmount

  • Was very impressed with Chambers efficiency and professionalism."

    Charmaine Coulston, South Perth

  • John was fabulous. He was quick to respond, answered all of my questions, rang me to advise that he would be a little late and followed up with me. Excellent service."

    Sharon Milevski, Ballajura

  • Really helpful!!"

    Natasha Gardiner, Maylands

  • Excellent Service would use again"

    Craig Irvine,

  • John even called to say he would be a little late and he gave advice on how to combat the problem in future."

    Andrew Hall, Carlisle

  • Excellent service and very prompt with supplying invoice and inspection report"

    Conswella Fawkes ,

  • Excellent service by (probably) Perth’s best Pest Control!"

    Dave Forster, Seville Grove