You can’t play nice with mice

Mice in Perth are a serious pest internationally. The common house mouse was likely introduced by the first colonial settlement. Mice can breed from 6-8 weeks and each litter consists of up to 10 young. One breeding pair and their progeny have the capacity to produce 500 mice in 21 weeks. Usually, predators including birds, cats and snakes keep populations manageable. When conditions are very good though, mouse populations can quickly explode to plague numbers. This is why continuous management is important.

Chambers Pest Solutions recommends the following to prevent a mouse plague:

  • Inspect your home for possible mouse entry points and stuff these with steel wool. Mice can’t chew through steel wool
  • Mice greatly dislike peppermint oil – dab this on cotton buds and place these around your home
  • Keep the kitty litter tray near possible mouse entry points
  • Keep trash cans, brush and stacks of wood as far away from your home as possible

Brutal damage is caused by a mouse plague to such things including furniture, equipment, food and electrical wiring. Aside from the stress caused, mice carry diseases fatal to humans and animals. This is why, if you suspect an infestation, it’s important to call in the professionals.

We advise considering our Emergency Residential Pest Control with our ongoing Perth Total Extermination Plan for effective management of this particularly nasty pest.

Remember, a mouse in the house means a whole lot more in the walls. Don’t delay and call us today should you suspect these terrible tenants.

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