Incy Wincy Spider

Spiders provide benefits that centre around green pest control. They consume creatures that commonly cause destruction and disease. Pests commonly eaten by spiders include cockroaches, mosquitoes and aphids.

Spiders are unobtrusive housemates as they are generally hermits – staying reclusive. When you happen across and startle one, they will hide away causing no trouble.

Chambers Pest Control Perth recommends the following to entice spiders into your Perth garden:

  • Avoid broad-spectrum insecticides
  • Cultivate tall flowering plants
  • Install fences, trellis and terracotta pots

If you find your spiders aren’t keeping up with the pest population, it might be time to call in the human experts.

Our range of residential pest control solutions are well-suited to control any kind of creature that is giving you bother. Just give us a call – we’d love to help with any questions you have!


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