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How well do you know of bed bugs control?

Bed bugs are reckoned as one of the nasty insects which make people sick mere feeding on their blood. These critters have a high level of survival capacity, as they can keep themselves alive without feeding on their hosts’ blood for several months. The pierce sensation which you feel on your skin is due to the insertion of proboscis by bed bugs. The saliva too gets inserted in your skin at the time of sucking blood by these obnoxious blood-sucking parasites. As soon as these parasites make you their host, you will feel an urge of itching and the bitten part will be converted into red bumps. The surprising part is these critters feed themselves only at nights. As you enjoy the slumber, these parasites will enjoy your warm blood.

A peek on the bed bugs appearance:

The body of the warm-blooded insects, bed bugs, is reddish-brown in colour. Bed bugs are one of the tiniest insects on earth. Their bodies get transferred into red and their bellies get swollen after the parasites satiate themselves with blood. The insects are so small in size that it gets difficult to perceive them with your eyes. The average length of a bed bug is 4-5mm. The tiny critters can be spotted and exterminated effectively by our bed bugs control Perth pest experts. Call them to make your zone free from the infestation of bed bugs. Even If you live in Sydney and worried about bed bugs so you can contact Knock-Down Pest Control Sydney Service.

Species of bed bugs in Australian locations:

Your place might get attacked by there prominent species of bed bugs such as cimex lectularius, cimex hemipterus and cimex adjunctus.

Are bed bugs present in your residence?

Note down the warning signs mentioned below which will make you aware of the presence of bed bugs around your place.

* As bed bugs develop in size, their skin starts separating from their bodies. The cases of skin can be seen near the invaded areas.

* A series of red welts on your skin will indicate that bed bugs have made you their prey.

* If the infestation has spreaded all over your place, then you will see bed bugs moving near you.

How you can avert bed bugs?

1. Wash your bed linens and other sleeping items with warm water.

2. You can keep old household items which are made up of wood under the sun.

3. Vacuum clean your mattress, bed frames, picture frames, cushions, sofa set and the corner of your bed once a week.

Eradication process:

Our style of eradication of bed bugs is by assessing your residence in and out and then we use non-chemical treatment on the infested points.

Eradicate the insects by non-chemical pesticides:

Our pest inspectors who are well qualified in eradicating bed bugs will take a trip to your place to figure out the existing nesting points of bed bugs. After the infestation sites are revealed, then our men will apply non-chemical treatment plans to destroy the present infested points. The use of bed bugs control solutions will not let the insects to feed on your blood in future.

A report based on the assessment:

The inspection report is being made by our pest officers which are shown to the house owners to let them know what type of bed bugs-related pesticides will be used on the breeding sites.

Eliminate bed bug problems with efficiency:

Get our non-toxic bed bugs control services at the places of your house where these insects have infested at a high rate. Our bed bugs measures are absolutely toxic-free. The treatments are quite effective to eliminate bed bugs without spreading chemicals of pesticides in your surroundings.

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