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bees removal Perth

Bees Removal and Bees behavior:

With the blooming of seasonal patterns of flowers, you will notice bees are flying in your garden area. Bees feed themselves by gathering pollen and nectar from the flowers of your potted plants in your garden. There are some bee species which are active pollinators throughout the year. Whereas, other bee species remain active for a particular season. Bees make their honey combs in the outdoors. Some bee species’ honey combs are seen on the structural parts of household stuffs. The aggressive attitude of bees can be felt by their stings. In order to safeguard their colony from people, bees sting on whoever crosess their paths. The stings of bees are perilous for the host. It is necessary to prevent bees from entering your housing colony by contacting our experienced bee removal Perth contractors.

Note bees appearance closely:

Various bees exist on earth. Hence, you will notice various colors of bees around your home. The size of bees is generally from two to four inch long, depending on the specie. The colors of the bees could be of black, brown with yellow strips. The body hair might differ, as some species have more hair and some other species have less hair. Usually, bees have four wings along with antennae on their heads.

Species of bees fly around your housing colony:

In different seasons, you may see different bee species in the Australian housing and commercial zones. Before you shoo them away, you should know the bee species which nest are honey bees, western honey bees, Africanized honey bees, bumble bees, Japanese honey bees and carpenter bees.

Signs to imply you of bee existence:

* The honey combs of bees will be seen above the ground, around decks and patios, on the branches of trees and in the galleries and attics.

* Some bees make loud humming noise when they fly. Other bee species make a low noise while flying around.

* Smell of honey will indicate that there is honey comb nearby your home.

Check on bees infestation with these tips:

1. Check for honey combs in your surroundings whenever you have a walk in your surrounding areas.

2. Inform an experienced beekeeper to deactivate the honey comb, if you happen to catch sight of the nests of bees.

3. Keep sweet-made items out of reach of bees, as the flying insects get attracted by sweet-based items.

Contact our bee hive contractor immediately:

Upon have contacted our bee hive contractor, he will arrive at the infestation site to exclude honey combs by using right tools. We make our pest inspectors walk around your territory to find out bees and their hives. Once the hives are spotted, then our men will remove the hives with efficiency.

Exclude bees with proficiency:

A survey of your indoor and outdoor territory will be carried out by our team of pest experts. They will walk through your property to see where are the bee nests and which species of bees have nested in your property. Then, with the help of precise bee inspection tools and pesticides, the bee nests will be exterminated.

What we observe?

Our men jots down about the inspection and makes a report which is showed to the house owners to know the level of bee infestation in their surroundings. The house owners will also be informed about the use of bee pesticides which will be sprayed on the nests.

Have a bee-proof zone:

When our pest servicemen will spray environmentally friendly bee hive control Perth solutions on the active or inactive hives, then the bees inside the hives will be killed on the spot. Also, the bee hives will be exterminated along with bees. No new hives will ever build in your surrounding areas.

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