Cockroach control your home or business.

Cockroaches are a major nuisance in Perth and can even carry diseases that your family could get from them. And above all that, they are pretty gross creatures which are unnerving to watch scattering for cover when switching on a light in your home.

The first thing you want to do is to try to figure out where they are coming from. Cracks in your foundation, holes in the drywall or behind appliances, drains that don’t have mechanisms to block critters from the outside from coming in – these are the types of things you should be checking for.

Cockroaches will use almost any entrance into your home to look for water and/or food, so you need to make sure that the only entrances are the doors and windows that the humans use!

Cockroaches prefer to live where there is food, warmth and moisture. Since cockroaches flourish where food and moisture are readily available, sanitation is an important step in prevention and control. Empty soft drink bottles, cardboard boxes and paper bags should not be allowed to accumulate. Food containers should be sealed and any crumbs or spillage cleaned up.

Chambers Pest Control Perth believes cleanliness is next to godliness, living by this ancient proverb is the best way to avoid cockroaches. Keeping your Perth home as clean as possible is the first step towards keeping cockroaches out. The kitchen and bathroom are main trouble spots for these nasty pests, vacuum and sweep often, particularly after meals. All food items should be sealed in plastics containers or kept in the refrigerator. Also remember that roaches are attracted to your pet’s food too. Cockroaches are attracted to damp areas and need water to survive. Water is even more important than food to roach survival.

Throughout history, man has battled cockroaches and attempted to find the most efficient way to win. Being cryptic in nature (spending most of their time in hiding), the cockroach has managed to coexist and thrive efficiently with man.

One of the many tools used in fighting this battle (especially in recent years) has been modern cockroach baiting systems. For baiting to be effective, proper placement and techniques are a must, one should avoid spraying insecticides in baited areas, as that can cause the bait to become contaminated, thus the roaches would likely avoid consuming it. Baits and Insect Growth Regulators can be useful in many cases.

Call Chambers Pest Solutions today to rescue your property or business from cockroach infestations, you can rely on the experts for guaranteed results. (08) 9313-2871

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