Pre-purchase timber pest inspection

If you are looking at a few properties, arrange for a pre-purchase timber pest inspection at the earliest.


A timber pest inspection, also known as visual timber pest inspection and termite inspection in Perth is carried out to detect the presence and activity of wood-destroying insects like white ants and borers. This inspection shows a clear picture of the true state of the property.

Like a building inspection report, a timber pest inspection report can also focus on only the accessible areas because it is impossible to inspect inaccessible areas.

Who Does The Work?

The pre-purchase visual timber inspection is performed by our licensed and skilled inspectors who adhere to the Australian Inspection Standard.

Who Pays For It?

Initially, it might appear that the seller is paying for the report that’s furnished after the pre-purchase inspection. But this has a downside. It makes the inspectors look like they have been employed by the seller. This is why, we recommend that you, the buyer pay the inspectors so that they work in your best interests.

We recommend that you include the termite clause in your special conditions. That will help you avoid a lot of damage and expenses later on.

For more information, or a FREE quote on our termite inspection in Perth, contact us at: (08) 9313-2871

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