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If you have grown up watching nature shows on Australian wildlife, you know it wins the hands-down extremes. Therefore, it is reasonable to expect the Australian outback to be larger and more terrifying than its many cousins worldwide. According to the latest study, cockroaches do not bite. However, they can cut you with their heavy-leg spines. As their leg spine carries bacteria, a cockroach cut … Read More

Ants- Small insects with big problems We all have wondered about the anatomy of ants in our biology class. Popularly abbreviated as the most rigid working insect on the planet, ants are potent insects. Their small size does not create any issue when building colonies or ensuring survival in most demanding times. This is the main reason not to underestimate their calibre. Ants live in … Read More

Termites are not as common as many other pests, but they can cause a lot more damage. Termites can also attack the structural integrity of buildings. The biggest problem with termites is that they are discreet and by the time you see signs of an infestation the damage will be beyond repair. Most common types of termites that trouble homeowners are subterranean and dry wood. … Read More



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