Stop Silverfish eating your clothes!

Silverfish Elimination Perth.

Silverfish are often encountered pests in homes and buildings throughout Perth, Western Australia. They occur anywhere in homes, but are mostly found in roof cavities, wall voids and sub floor areas.

They prefer starchy materials, cotton, linens and photographic prints. Silverfish are a common household pest, living and breeding in cool damp places. Silverfish eat almost anything including paper, book bindings, wallpaper and clothing.

Silverfishes have shiny bodies covered with scales. They are flattened, long and slender, broad at the front and tapering gradually towards the rear. They are wingless, uniform silvery in colour and grow to just over 1 cm in length.

The only way to permanently eliminate silverfish, so that they won’t come back, is to understand their living and breeding patterns, and to make your home uniniviting to these slippery, creepy bugs. By simply changing the conditions required for silverfish to thrive in your home you will be able to achieve permanent silverfish elimination.

Another important thing to understand about silverfish is that they prefer living environments with a high moisture level.  Silverfish don’t need very much water to survive, and even the condensation that gathers on the cold pipe under your kitchen sink is enough to sustain them and makes your kitchen an ideal living place.

While you will never be able to fully prevent all moisture outbreaks in your home, there are things that you can do to limit the silverfish’s access to the moisture.

For total elimination silverfish control call the experts before its to late Chambers Pest Solutions (08) 9313-2871

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