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Destroy the trail of ants at once:

You see a trail of ants moving near the drops of coffee which you have spilled yesterday on your office cubicle. You must have seen ants who are busy in eating the crumbs of bread you left it on the plate. These trail of ants will then create nuisance in your house by contaminating your food and biting you and others in your house. The creepy ants will tend to pester you more during warmer months. Especially, during summer, these ant pests find a way out to seek access in your home for food, shelter and water. The most favorite hang-out of ants is your kitchen and pantry. Aside from those places, you can also see ants in other places such as in the corner of a floor, in minor cracks and holes, toilet, washroom, near garbage bins and so on. In your sink if you happen to find the trail of ants, then do not get surprised. The sink provides water sources for the ants. The place which has excess moisture will tend to attract ants more. How will you stop ants from foraging your house? Ants hide in the tiniest holes of your house. Hence, you will not be able to use pesticides on those places where rats hide, as some places are unreachable. The local ant spray will not reach at the unreachable nesting sites of ants. Although some ants might get killed on the surface, but a colony of ants will be present inside the nesting sites. To prevent the colony of ants from growing further, you will have to use highly professional ant control Perth solutions from our pest control company. Our ant solutions will stop ants from foraging in your territory.

Ant species in Perth:

Every home and commercial place in Perth can have infestations of thief ants, pharaoh ants, pavement ants, odorous ants, moisture ants, harvester ants, ghost ants, field ants, carpenter ants, bigheaded ants, Argentine ants, sugar ants, wood ants and fire ants.

How you can keep ants from foraging your property?

  • Try to keep the indoor of your house free from moisture.
  • Do not leave unclean dishes, bowls, or spills of food and juices on the floors and on countertops.
  • Clear out the limbs of trees, weeds and tree stumps from the lawn and other open spaces.
  • Do not store firewood inside the garage and inside your house.

Strategy to keep ant infestation under control:

You need to treat your territory with ant treatment Perth services instead of wasting your money on the over-the-counter pesticides. In our treatment plans, we send our pest inspectors to have an in-depth assessment of your territory. The inspection will spot out the infestation sites of ants. After inspection, our pest officers will determine which treatment plans will be apt for the infestation sites. Out treatment plans are earth-friendly and comprise of highly effectual ant gels, ant surface sprays, ant dust solutions and ant gels which will not let the stinging pests to forage back in your surroundings.

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