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What do you know of cockroaches?

Cockroaches are unhealthy for your health and for the surroundings. Roaches always keep hunting for water and food which they get in a good quantity at your place. Hence, the hiding grounds of roaches are inside the unused cardboard boxes, packets, carry bags and other dusty items. These nasty roach insects eat filthy stuffs and stale food which they get near the trash cans. When their dirty legs get inside your house, the germs get spreaded all over your house. It is necessary to protect your family members from the life-threatening diseases caused by filthy roaches. Therefore, it is advised to all homeowners to get an accurate roach-based treatment from our cockroach control Perth pest guys.

Get to know about the appearance of cockroaches:

With the six spiny and long legs, the roach pests move in a rapid speed. The body of these insects is adaptable to weather, as the surface of the body of a roach gets cooler and warmer as per the outdoor temperature. The mouth of a roach is in a downward position. Not all roach species will have wings.

Roach species you come across in Australia:

Of various types of roaches species, which roach species move around the Australian locations? The brown-banded roaches, flying roaches, sand roaches, American roaches, oriental roaches, smoky brown roaches, German roaches, Asian roaches and Australian roaches are often seem to be scurrying around Australian housing territories.

Warning signs of the invasion of roaches:

* Dead roaches will be seen close to the infestation sites.

* Oily odor from the bodies of roaches will be smelt at the invaded spot.

* Droppings whose size is of coffee grounds or of cylindrical size can be perceived in many places of your house.

* Egg cases are seen inside the cardboard boxes, plastic bags and pages of books.

Remedies to prevent cockroaches from scurrying around:

1. Do not keep electrical appliances at one place for a long time. Roaches tend to hide in objects which remain in a place for ages. Keep shifting your electrical appliances from one place to another from time to time.

2. Vacuum up all things are your place. Mop floors and swipe off kitchen counters and cabinets.

3. Throw trash and unwanted items in a close container such as trash can. Cover the lid of the trash can tightly.

Preventive method we adopt to stop the roach infestation:

The inspection of your overall property and the following roach treatment plans are the most effective preventive measure we use at our clients’ properties to erase the presence of roaches now and forever.

Our cockroach control action plan:

Our pest inspectors will walk through your property to assess the infestation sites of roaches. Once the proper cause is known, then our men will give their best shot to rule out the roach-invaded sites from your area by applying roach control solutions.

The report of our assessment:

Our pest inspectors who will do the inspection of your territory will also draft a report on the basis of the inspection. The report will state the current situation of the infestation on the property. The treatment plans will be applied as per the survey result.

Make your household stuffs roach-free:

Once the cockroach treatment Perth is applied on the invaded spots of roaches, then the filthy insects will be eliminated instantly and no other roaches will ever try to breed in your home. Our environmentally friendly roach treatments such as roach baits and roach-based pesticides will keep your household items free from roach breeding.

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