Pest Inspection Perth

Why Opt For Regular Inspections

Not having an inspection done at least twice a year may void insurance warranties. It not only helps in detecting termite activity, but also provides access to all areas where termites may be hiding or nesting. It also makes treatment more convenient and quicker to commence, thereby preventing damage.

The Chambers Advantage

It is advisable that you opt for an inspection of your entire property prior to its purchase, as an inspection report will cover all areas to the homes sub-floor, roof void, internal rooms and areas within 50 metres of the dwelling or within the boundary lines.We recommend a pest inspection to be carried out in conjunction with a building inspection so any termite damage that is detected by the pest inspector can be checked by the builder to determine if repairs are required.

A combined inspection is carried out by two individual inspectors attending the property where possible at the same time.Chambers Pest Solutions is one of Perth’s leading termite inspection (pest inspection) companies in Perth, Western Australia. Chambers Pest control has carried out thousands of termite inspections (pest inspections.) Our pest inspectors are licenced inspectors and have professional indemnity insurance. Copies of the inspectors insurance policy and licence can be provided upon request.

So, be on the safe side and make sure to call us for termite pest control in Perth through inspections.

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