Mosquito Bites: Tips to Stay Away From Them When Vacationing

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There is nothing a lot better than jetting off throughout the world for some leisures and to invest some time far from your busy daily lives. But, there is actually one particular pest that is ready and waiting to ruin your vacation – mosquitoes. The following is a list of simple and easy tips to assist stay away from mosquito bites while on holiday:

  • Stay away from mosquito hotspots

A good way you can stay away from mosquito attacks when vacationing is always to verify that your vacation destination is a hot spot for mosquito activity, plus in specific, the places where the mosquito-borne conditions are far more common

  • Put on light colours

You may not know this, but mosquitoes are actually drawn to dark coloured objects. The reason could be because of how distinct those clothes are, which mosquitoes are most active when it is during the dusk.  Sporting lightly coloured clothing is an excellent means of avoiding being bitten by mosquitoes.

  • Make use of insect repellent

You can purchase insect repellents from your nearby grocery store and/or drugstore, thereby applying to your open locations of the skin. You can try to use insect repellent prior to leaving your hotel or flat. According to the spray’s strength, put on constantly in order to prevent being bitten by mosquitoes. Always stick to the label instructions on the product packaging thoroughly.

  • Stay away from specified times during the day

Commonly, mosquitoes are far more active at night and dawn, even though this may vary according to the types. These times of the day tend to be cooler much less windy creating circumstances more favourable environment for mosquitoes. In order to prevent mosquito bites, it is a beneficial concept to prepare any tasks you have through the times during the day when mosquitoes are not so energetic.

  • Put on the right clothes

Most of the time, mosquitoes will chew on any part of uncovered skin. As a result of this, it is a smart idea to wear long-sleeved apparel to guard yourself against mosquito bites.

this might sound absurd as long sleeves and hot climates do not exactly represent what quite a perfect duo is all about, but this does not mean you need to wear a sweater and a pair of jeans.

  • Get rid of standing water

Standing water supplies mosquitoes with the most ideal environment to breed.  You can stay away from not getting yourself some mosquito bites by simply making a place that you stay in less attractive to mosquitoes. This will probably simply be performed by keeping in mind to clear water away from drink wares, buckets and spades if being placed outside.

  • Use an insect net

Fighting mosquito bites can be carried out if you use an insect net. If you are focused on mosquitoes when travelling it is a beneficial idea to test that your hotel has both mosquito nets across the bed and insect displays from the windows and doors.

  • Keep air circulated

Mosquitoes are not exactly strong fliers–hence, they are more energetic during dusk and dawn when there is little wind Keeping air circulated if you use fans is an excellent means of avoiding getting bitten by a mosquito, as it will make it burdensome for them to fly towards you.

Apart from the activities above that you can try to do, there are actually some online discussions on consuming specific food like garlic to help protect yourself from mosquitoes. However, eating particular foods is not quite a method that’s neither efficient nor reliable. Some people may think it works, but it has not been proven a lot.

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