How to get rid of mice in your home?



The house mouse is remarkably well-adapted for living year-round in homes, food establishments and other structures. Homeowners in Perth are especially likely to notice mice during winter, following their fall migration indoors in search of warmth, food and shelter. Once mice become established inside a home, they can be extremely difficult to control.

The house mouse is the most common rodent pest in most parts of the world. A female house mouse in Perth can give birth to up to a dozen babies every three weeks. That’s a remarkable 150 babies a year!

House mice primarily feed on plants, but they will also eat meat and dairy products. They will drink water but require very little of it. They will eat their own droppings to acquire nutrients produced by bacteria in their guts!

They live in structures, but they can live outdoors. They breed throughout the year and often share nests with their “relatives”.

Here are a few mice facts in Perth:

  • Female mice can give birth when they are two months old and are able to have babies 6 to 10 times per year.
  • Mice have to build their homes near sources of food because they like to eat 15 to 20 times per day.
  • Mice can live in a lab for up to two years, but usually only live for about 5 months in the wild, mostly because of predators, such as cats, snakes and foxes.
  • Mice are good jumpers, climbers and swimmers.
  • House mice, like other rodents, do not vomit.

Recommended products to control your mice infestation:

  • Place mice traps up against walls, behind objects, and in secluded areas where mouse droppings, gnawing and damage are evident.
  • Snap traps should be oriented perpendicular to the wall, with the trigger end against the vertical surface.
  • Place baits in several locations no farther than 10 feet apart and preferably closer. If you want a weather proof bait, you will need the block forms.
  • Single feed baits require one feeding for a lethal dosage, while multiple feed baits require several feedings.

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