How Important Is Pest Control During COVID-19 Pandemic?

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As the world battles against the novel Coronavirus, pest control services have been identified as important and essential in the fight against the deadly virus. The pest control industry has been identified as a crucial protector of health and safety of all human beings and hence has been given the status of essential services in many nations. As some businesses are temporarily closed and so are numerous workplaces, it gives pests like rodents, cockroaches, termites a conducive environment to breed.

Due to the lockdown, several buildings are sparsely inhabited, and this makes a place with no disturbance for the pests to thrive. Pests can cause damage to the property and be a health hazard for the people. Therefore, it is particularly important to protect buildings from pests so that once the operations resume the buildings are safe and pest-free. For workplaces and businesses, a pest control treatment is also an act of caring for the employees as it makes them feel safe at work.

How can pests be controlled?

The first step to an effective pest control is identifying the type of pest, as each pest needs a different and specific solution.

  1. Rodent: To control rodents the possible places of shelter need to be removed along with ensuring no access to food and water. Vents, pipes, drains, windows, and doors are the most common entry points for rodents. A professional Perth pest control service will fill in any gaps in the entry points and block the potential routes.
  2. Cockroaches: Cockroaches thrive in any hidden spaces like cracks and crevices, sewers, spaces inside machinery or equipment. They come out of hiding usually at night to look for food. Hygienic conditions and following good cleaning practices are essential to keep cockroaches away. You can hire pest control services to reduce the possible shelter areas of cockroaches by filling cracks and gaps.
  3. Flies: Flies are a health risk and thrive in places in unhygienic conditions. Screens on windows, automatic doors, LED insect traps are some of the most common ways of controlling flies.
  4. Insects in stored products: Products like food are prone to infestation with insects. Insects can enter packaging too and damage the products. Standard quality checks at every step of the supply chain ensure that insects do not damage the products. If you have a lot of products stored in your warehouse and it’s moving slowly because of the pandemic, you should hire Perth pest control services to minimize the risk.

Pest control has become more critical in the current scenario because many pests that could earlier feed on to food available in businesses like restaurants, workplaces, warehouses, etc. are now venturing out to seek food as these places continue to remain shut.

For businesses that have been closed during the lockdown and warehouses with a lot of inventory, a professional pest control service will be of great benefit. This will ensure that the pests do not create colonies in the space and cause damage to material and property.

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