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Fleas are parasites that can only live off a couple of species. The host that are mostly affected are dogs and cats. They use pets as meals and other times they are off the pet. On an average 95% of fleas are around your house and only 5% on your pet. Fleas can not live on humans, but they still have a tendency to bite and the ability to spread diseases. Fleas occupy carpets, clothes, beds and most of the space in your yard.  You can contact fleas pest control Perth service providers.

Since fleas only feed on the host, they usually get off the host to lay eggs. A single flea is capable of laying up to 1500 eggs in a span of 52 days.. Fleas prefer dark and damp areas for laying eggs. The eggs are resistant to chemicals which makes them harder to get rid off.

Placing the eggs in our house gives the fleas an environment to breed, and feed off us and our pets. The temperature changes in the environment activate the eggs. If your family goes on a holiday, then these eggs can lay dormant for several months. The adult fleas will die due to starvation while the eggs stay dormant until they are activated.

This is the same reason why your pet may suddenly get a flea problem when you move into a new home. When you want to get rid of fleas, it’s essential to treat the whole picture.

First, use an instant flea killer to kill any fleas on your pet. Since we know that only 5% are on the pet and the remaining are around the house, start cleaning.

Ways to reduce flea infestation

  • Vacuum your house regularly especially those places where your pet stays in the most.
  • Wash all the carpets, blanket, rugs, and bedding with hot water.
  • Give your pet baths on a regular basis and increase the number of baths in the summer.
  • Keep your yard neatly trimmed and manicured. Use chemicals to get rid of fleas on your lawn.
  • Cedar chips are great for repelling fleas.

Flea Medications

  • Use flea preventative medicines on your pets and make it a habit.
  • Use short-acting flea products to get rid of adult fleas.
  • Keep your pooch neatly groomed and use a fine-toothed flea comb to brush your dog’s fur.


Do not use any product that is available in the market. Use a product that is approved by your veterinarian. Avoid flea medications that are toxic to your pets as they may lead to the pet’s death.
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