Choose A Commercial Pest Control Company Carefully


Commercial premises are just as exposed to pest threats as domestic premises are. If your commercial property is in a city like Perth, you should know the right ways to hire a commercial pest control company. There are hundreds of pest control services in a city so large and if you don’t do your due diligence, you may have to be faced with a financial loss for poor quality service.

Commercial Pest ControlThe Internet is the most obvious place to search for commercial pest control companies. You will find a huge number of local pest exterminator companies. It’s recommended that you approach a few of them and request a quote from them. Before you choose any of them, note down some points to inquire such as:

  • The number of years they have been in business
  • Whether they have customer testimonials or references that they can show
  • Whether they incorporate IPM (Integrated Pest Management) techniques
  • Whether they use non-toxic chemicals
  • Whether they are part of any pest control associations
  • Whether their technicians are fully licensed and have adequate experience
  • Whether the companies carry liability insurance

Do not let any pest control company force you into a contract. Companies like Chambers Pest Solutions will never try to do so. We are a reputable company providing commercial pest control for years. Our methodologies are proven. That’s why we have so many satisfied clients in Perth.

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