What is the best flea treatment for cats?

Flea Treatment Perth

Pet owners may not see the importance of flea treatment for their cats until their skin is in bad condition. We often think that the cat is grooming itself as always and ignore the problem. But it’s not until you notice the small bumps or the thinning fur in those flea bitten areas that you realize how badly your cat’s skin is affected.

Fleas are easier to spot on a white or light colored feline when compared to a cat with dark fur. You might need a flea comb to assess the number of fleas on your dark haired feline.

If the flea infection is unchecked, then it might lead to cat anemia which can be very fatal. If you cat is infested with a lot of fleas, pale gums can be seen due to heavy loss of blood. For cats that are smaller in size, even a small population of fleas can quickly lead to anemia.

Fleas will make your feline itchy, uncomfortable and may result in complicated skin infections. There are various flea treatments which are effective in eliminating the flea problem. The most widely used topical treatment is Advantage. It’s an effective flea control treatment.

Advantage, Revolution, Frontline are some of the topical flea treatment products available readily in the market. Revolution control fleas and a few ticks and ear mites while giving protection against heartworm. It’s a systematic product that will remain in your cat’s bloodstream, although some animals may have an allergic reaction to it. Topical flea treatment for cats is effective for over a month, and it kills new fleas as soon as they hatch.

It is important that you clean your carpets, pet beds, beds, or your couch. Some flea eggs or fleas might have dropped off your cat’s fur while it was scratching itself. Make sure that you steam clean your carpet and furniture as frequently as you can because this will prevent fleas from establishing a huge colony in your home.


Topical flea treatments for cats are inexpensive and available online and offline. But before you use any product, make sure to consult with your veterinarian so that you can avoid any problems. Your vet will have original products and not cheap imitations and will also tell you any precautions that might not be mentioned on the product.

Give your pet frequent baths and keep it groomed properly to avoid any future flea infestations on your cat. Inspect your feline as often as you can for signs of flea infestations. There are Fleas Pest Control in Perth who are experienced and has the know-how to deal with the fleas infestation. They will carry the treatment without harming your pets. Try them out!

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