Be Aware Of These Spider Types For Effective Spider Control Perth

Spider Control Perth

Spiders are in almost every home. Proper spider control Perth measures must be taken in order to stay away from them. Some spiders that you really need to be aware of are:

White-Tailed Spider


With such a self-explanatory name, who needs a description? This one roams around in gardens, toilets and wherever there is a damp or wet wooden log. Its bite causes pain that seems tolerable in the beginning, but becomes unbearable as time goes by.

Funnel Web Spider

This spider prefers to stay in cool weathers and damp places. It is found mostly around rock gardens, wet logs, dirty leaves and growing plants. Its bite causes serious pain and is extremely toxic.


You are right. This spider does look like a huntsman. It has a shaggy body and long legs. If you park your car under a shaded area for long hours, check it thoroughly before you start driving. One bite from this fellow can lead to severe pain and swelling.

Mouse Spider

This particular type spins webs in creeks and rivers. It looks like the funnel web spider. The females are larger, with a brown to black body. Only one bite of this pest is enough to cause unbearable pain. It is super toxic.

How Chambers Pest Control Can Help You
Our spider control Perth service removes these harmful creatures from your premises. With years of experience in eradicating spiders, we can easily and quickly locate their living area and interrupt their breeding cycle. Our experts check for them in places like the gutters, the ceiling voids and around the outdoor furniture. We block their entry points.

Using environmentally friendly inspection and eradication techniques, we eliminated them and ensure no side effects to your family and property. Opt for our spider control Perth service and see the difference for yourself.

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