Ants invading your home?

When a wet cloth or boiling water just isn’t working, Chambers Ant Control strategies can help break the annoying ant cycle.

To many householders, most ants look fairly much identical. In fact, plenty of varied types occur surrounding residences and structures, each possessing unique characteristics which might effect the method of ant extermination.

The mistake nearly everybody makes when trying to deal with ants in Perth is simply spraying the ones they see. This approach ordinarily fails given that the ants seen foraging over exposed areas is only a small part of the colony.

Generally, you might have thousands of additional ants which includes at least one egg-laying queens covered someplace inside of a nest. Removing queens along with other colony members throughout nests can often be the key ingredient towards good ant extermination.

Ant control tips!

There are plenty of ant control strategies that you can use to limit ant populations in your home or workplace. Chambers Pest Solutions recommend these ant control methods and strategies:

  • Remove food: You need to be able to reduce their food sources. Clean up all food waste and spillages immediately; keep food in tight sealed containers; seal up your rubbish bags ; and avoid leaving pet food around for long periods of time.
  • Trim up: Keep general vegetation around the premises under control to aid in ant control. Trees and bushes should not be touching the building, gutter or eaves, and overhanging branches should be trimmed back.

Ants are very versatile little creatures. They can get into our homes via any little crack or crevice. In their never ending search for food and water supplies for their colonies, they will look for anything they can get. If you don’t keep your foodstuffs sealed in containers they can’t breach, then you could get an infestation and need ant extermination.

If you are having never ending ant problems call Chambers Pest Solutions today on (08) 9313-2871

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