Ants: Characteristics and Signs of Infestations

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Ants are an insect kind that have three body segments and six legs. Ants are normally called social insects as they have distinct Kinds of rodents doing various roles inside their colony:

  • The largest ants in the colony are tend to be the reproductive ants (kings and queens) All these will be the ants you may see leaving the nest in large numbers to start a nest. Before beginning a new nest, they partner and shed their wings.
  • The majority of ants in the colony would be the workers which carry out most of the day. For others, the workers can vary in size; the workers are all the exact same dimensions–for certain species.
  • Some species also possess a soldier caste to aid with colony defence – these tend to be bigger than the workers that are normal.

Before turning into adult ants, ants hatch from eggs into larvae and then pass through a pupal stage. Eggs are typically found in the nest, but are visible if the nest is on the move when being carried by worker ants.

Indications of Ants Infestations

  • Ant infestations within the house are pretty obvious… Ants are seen by you! Frequently, these may be outside coming in searching for moisture and food, ants nesting. The key action is to act as shortly as they are seen by you. If you leave it a few days or weeks, they will set your home as one of their feeding sites and will try and return, which makes it difficult to restrain.
  • If you can not find an entry point from the outside and find ants in your house, the rodents may be nesting in or under your house. They often nest in behind cabinets, roof spaces, and wall voids. This may take a bit more detective work to get the nest and apply a treatment.
  • Indications of an infestation outside may include piles of sand and dirt appearing between pavers and mounds in the lawn. It may be helpful in applying treatment as it where to apply the product and shows where they are nesting, although this is frustrating.

For much of Australia the prime pest season for ants are the warmer months, although they are a year round issue. In cooler regions they can be an issue in Winter if they are nesting indoors.

Ant Prevention Tips

To get a long-term control of an ant problem , you will need to kill all the ants in the nest the queen. She can begin laying eggs if the queen survives and the ants will reunite. Other ants will frequently move into the vacated territory if you are successful in killing the nest causing the issue. This makes controlling rodents the strategy and a battle is a two pronged approach; reducing ant strain out from entering the home and preventing ants. Although ants are viewed as more of a hassle in a safety concern, some species do have a super nasty bite / sting, which can cause allergic reactions.

  • Wash dishes straight away and split food away
  • Keep food in sealed containers
  • Seal any little entry holes in the outside walls / doors and windows

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