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What’s Your Choice For Termite Treatment? DIY or Professionals?

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As a homeowner, undoubtedly, you definitely want the best for your home. No matter, regardless of how much you take care of your home, danger is something which will occur at any point of time. If you’re like most of the people, rats, cockroaches, termites and there are many other creepy creatures which are completely unwelcome at your home.

Regardless of no matter how much cleanliness you maintain, chances are that there are going to be one or two pests which will make your home a living hell for you. What you should do exactly at this point of time? How to get rid of the termites? This is one of the major decisions.

After checking the various pointers, the decision to hire an experienced professional for termite treatment Perth or take a DIY approach for this task is going to be a little easy for you.

Saving Your Hard-Earned MoneyDownloadedFile

This is one of the biggest advantages that have made more and more people take a DIY approach for this task. Depending on the severity of the termite problem, you can then decide whether you should look for qualified professionals or take a DIY approach for this task.

If you have decided to do it on your own, you just have to visit a store where you can get many pest control products. It will cost you some money. However, nothing can be as effective as hiring experienced professionals for termite inspections in Perth. They exactly know what needs to be done to get rid of the pests. Keep all these great tips in mind to get rid of the pests.

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Top Treatment Options: Choose The Best One

Termite Treatment

DIY Or Termite Treatment: Which Is The Right Option?

Termites, just like ants they settle down in the colonies and won’t leave the place unless and until you choose a termite treatment to get rid of them. This is one of the major reasons why you should look for an effective termite treatment Perth when you see termites in your home. They organize themselves into colonies.

Unfortunately, termites can completely damage your property. They will eat the wood, and rarely get noticed until you see the damage in the important parts of your home or building.

Can You Identify The Different Termites?White Ant Inspection In Perth

To help you know whether you will deal with the problem on your own or hire a professional who knows about every kind of pests, take some time to think whether you have any knowledge of building construction.

If the answer is complete no, you will definitely encounter a lot of problems in identifying the right solution for your termite problem. How to use the equipment? Do you have any knowledge of handling the tools/equipment?

From masonry drills to soil treatment rods, there are many kind of equipment you need to use and so one must have the right knowledge to use it. Again if you don’t know then there is absolutely no point in using it.

Remember, this is a kind of job which can be only done by professionals- a termite treatment is a kind of process which involves the use of gallons in the foundation walls. It is only an expert professional who can do it in the right way.

After you have chosen the right company it is very important to opt for an effective treatment. You will get a choice to pick the kind of treatment you want for the particular termite. Keep all these great tips in mind to choose the right termite control Perth.

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Why And How To Have Peace Of Mind With Termite Control In Perth


As a property owner, you should know that the termites give no sign of warning that they even exist anywhere near your premises. But they actually do exist. By the time you come to know that they are there, it’s too late. That’s why you need professionally-trained eyes. That’s why you need to hire a professional termite control in Perth team.

The case is the same with every property, whether it’s old or new.

But the older the property, the more care you should take to call in professionals. The professionals will come in and conduct an inspection of your entire premises. After the inspection, they will let you know what to do to minimize the infestation and remove the termites in your property. They will guide you on the right precautionary actions to take and the things to do to make sure that those white ants don’t come back soon.

The challenge is to find out what kind of termites are infesting in your home or commercial property. There are various types of them and there’s a different way to kill each type. Professionals like Chambers Pest Solutions who have been providing termite control in Perth for years can provide the ideal solution. We know exactly how to kill off which variety of termite and how to make sure that your entire property has gotten rid of them.

So, don’t waste any more time and get in touch with affordable and hassle-free termite control in Perth.

This Year, Protect Your Home from All Termites in Perth

Termite Treatment

So, why not let that time be now? Exactly. On new year, give your home the gift of termite eradication. Make your home absolutely free from termites in Perth this year.

At Chambers Pest Solutions, we offer the best combination of quality service, reliability and affordability. If you have discovered termites in your home, or evidence of their presence, consider hiring the known experts. Consider Chambers Pest Solutions. We can minimize the impending damage to your home with our tried and tested techniques. We have been eradicating termites in Perth for years. Our service is completely eco-friendly, meaning, you don’t have to take the burden of guilt that you have done some sort of damage to the environment in the process of killing off all termites in your home. We use methods that are safe for not only your family and pets, but also for the environment.

Those white ants are nasty creatures that can enter any home and slowly wreak havoc. They can destroy all the window frames, door frames, wood flooring, and practically anything in your home that’s made from wood. Our licensed technicians will visit your home and conduct a thorough inspection to locate the hiding places of white ants and then carry out the eco-friendly eradication process. You can rest assured that your home will be termite-free for a while. But since they can reappear, we recommend that you opt for our service every few months.

Termite Treatment In Perth With A Difference

Termite Control

Why Is It Important To Hire A Reliable Company For Termite Treatment In Perth?

They let you know which areas of your home has been damaged by white ants (termites) and how to eliminate them from those areas. This organized and scientific approach helps both you and them to get rid of white ants.

Is It Wise To Spend a Lot of Money On Termite Treatment In Perth?
Yes. It is wise. It keeps your home healthy for you, your family and your pets. It is recommended that you choose a company that does not charge sky-high prices and offers transparent services. That means, a company with representatives whom you can talk to regularly and ask any question to clarify your doubts. That also means a company that provides impressive results.

Some Pest Exterminators Claim To Remove All Termites Surprisingly Quickly. Is It Possible?

No. Don’t believe those who claim to remove all termites in a surprisingly short span of time. Quicker results do happen but they don’t last long. They also do not guarantee complete elimination of all termites. But with efficient termite treatment in Perth specialists like Chambers Pest Solutions, there’s no risk of such things. We do the work thoroughly. That’s why we are the preferred termite eradicators for so many happy homeowners.

Food Businesses Are In Need Of Professional Pest Control In Perth

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Even a sighting of a pest can lead to negative word of mouth and customer complaints. That’s why you need to be very careful and hire a qualified pest control in Perth service like Chambers Pest Solutions.

The hiding places of common pests are –

  • Underneath sinks
  • Underneath cooking appliances, heating equipment and electrical equipment
  • Inside wall cracks and crevices

Before we begin our pest control in Perth process, we request you to take the following steps:

  • Keep all the food in air-tight containers
  • Seal off all the air holes, air gaps and wall cracks
  • Install and maintain fly-screens to not only windows but also doors
  • Keep all the doors closed when nobody is using them
  • Install weather strips at door bases
  • Keep the entire premises clean
  • Clean the equipment regularly
  • Dispose of garbage on a daily basis in a proper manner
  • Remove all the unused items
  • Make sure that trash bins are cleaned everyday

Our licensed pest control in Perth team uses effective and Eco-friendly techniques and chemicals so that your food is never contaminated. We free your food business premises from the shackles of a pest infestation. We suggest you practicable measures too so that you can prevent them from returning anytime soon. However, the points above must be adhered to in order to obtain best results.

Another Take On Termites Perth

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Due to their inconspicuous nature, it is difficult to detect their presence in a building. By opting for a termites Perth inspection, you can prevent the risk of property damage.

These critters have a tendency to excavate wood from its interior surface. A termite infested piece of wood looks solid from the outside but is actually hollow from the inside. One of the ways to find out whether there is termite infestation in your home is to tap wooden surfaces with a hammer. If there is a hollow sound, that means it is infested with termites. Firm tapping can even break the wood a bit. Wood that has termites in it can also appear darker than its original color.

Also known as white ants in Australia, termites travel through mud tubes which they build along their routes. The tubes can be very long and are usually made of dried mud. Termites Perth can cause the stability of a building. You must take their ability to cause damage very seriously.

In the world, there are around 2000 different species of termites, of which 350 species are in Australia alone. The best way to keep them under control is prevention. And for prevention, you need inspection. However, simultaneously with the termites Perth inspection, you have to also do a few other things such as – restrict their food supply and restrict the moisture level in your premises. Since white ants are territorial, they tend to return to the premises where they once had a colony.

It is therefore, a collaborative effort of you as well as the pest inspector to complete eradicate termites from your premises.

How To Get Certification For A Career In Pest Control

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First of all, you need to pass a certification exam in your state. Usually, you have to attend classes and complete an apprenticeship  to appear in the exam. If you have studied biology or any other natural science in college, your career can jumpstart quicker than others.

Apprenticeship comprises one year of working with a professional pest exterminator or in a pest control company. Simultaneously with your apprenticeship, you should review the regulations for pest extermination in your state along with common precautions suggested by the state, pest identification techniques, pesticide laws and other requirements stated by the law. Also, memorize the industry terminology.

Apply for the certification test. When you apply, attach your employment certification and your prior educational certifications. In some cases, you may have to submit record of how many pesticide applications you have performed yourself.

Even after successfully passing the examination, you shouldn’t stop studying. Learning is a continuous process and since all industries are evolving considerably, you have to keep up with the trend. Keep yourself updated with knowledge of the latest pest control techniques, new substances used in the composition of pesticides, and ways to keep the extermination process eco-friendly.

Many companies that provide pest management services, offer training to help new candidates. If you can find such a company, talk to the key people there. They might be able to train you for the certification. Since you need to renew your certification every few years, stay in touch with these people. They might be able to help you with your re-certification as well.

After passing the exam, you might need to pass a criminal background check too, as most pest control companies perform a background check of candidates before hiring them.