Pest Control Lathlain

To find out more about our pest and termite control services and prices or to book a consultation with one of our highly experienced technicians please call us on(08) 9313 2871 or online contact form.

Expert pest control in and around Lathlain

Our expert local pest technicians provide property, building, and pest inspections. Our professional team provides pest control services throughout Lathlain and all across Perth.

pest control Lathlain

Building Inspection – It is important to do a property inspection report when you are buying a new home so that your family live in safety and comfort.

Termite Inspection – We carry out white ant inspection in Lathlain to protect your home or business from termites.

Pest Inspection – It is important to identify any pest activity before purchasing a property. We provide an effective pest inspection service.

Pest control for your home in Lathlain

pest control Lathlain

Our pest controllers have a wide range of knowledge about all residential pests such as ants, flies, cockroaches, rats, spiders, mice, Flea and every other pest that causes trouble to your home in Lathlain.

Our pest controllers have a wide range of knowledge about all residential pests such as ants, flies, cockroaches, rats, spiders, mice, Flea and every other pest that causes trouble to your home in Lathlain.

Ant Control – All Ant services start with a thorough inspection in and around the property structure from the ground up to the roof peak.
Cockroach Control – Cockroach control from Chambers Pest Solutions is the only cockroach extermination program you will ever need.
Spider Control – We will safely remove spiders from your home and keep your family and pets safe.

Commercial pest control in Lathlain


Chambers Pest Solutions works closely with commercial and food industries to provide effective pest control solutions to ensure that they remain compliant and pest free. Our pest technicians have many years of experience and knowledge dealing with pest problems in restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars.

We have zero tolerance for Pests and put the reputation of your brand first. We are your #1 Brand Defender when it comes to Pest Control in Lathlain.

Commercial Pest Control – Don’t Let your livelihood be damaged by pests. Get Chambers Pest Solutions to help you protect your commercial premises.

Restaurant Pest Control – Chambers Pest Solutions will remove pests in your restaurant and cafes and help you hold your business reputation up high.

Integrated Pest Management – Chambers Pest Solutions provide a integrated Pest management program which starts with a comprehensive inspection of your entire premises and that works well for commercial properties.

Rodent Control Lathlain

pest control Lathlain

The existence of rodents, such as rats, mice and possums can damage your property and even cause electrical issues, which can lead to fires. They are known to chew on electrical cables and cause fires in Lathlain. They also carry a lot of diseases and bacteria which can cause your children and pets to get sick. So, keep your family and business safe from rodents. Rodents can ruin more than your reputation and business.

Rat Control – Chambers Pest Solutions advise how extremely important to get rid of rats because of the serious health risks and property damage that these rodents can cause.

Mice Control – Mice are known to chew on upholstery, furniture, product packaging and electrical cables and may cause a fair bit of damage.

Possum Removal – If you are hearing noises in your roof of possums running around and scratching things. Call Chambers Pest Solutions to relocate them.

Termite treatment for your home in Lathlain

pest control Lathlain

Termites also known as white ants are a major threat to businesses and homes in Lathlain. Perth is a high-risk termite territory and Chambers Pest Solutions have over 25 years of experience in termite inspections, treatment and protection.

Termite Inspection – Chambers Pest Solutions provide white ant inspection in Lathlain according to the Australian standards to find current and past termite activity in the premises.

Termite Control – If you locate any termite activity at your property. Call us to get the proper termite treatment done before the building is destroyed from underneath you.

Sentricon – Sentricon has been tested and proven to be the most outstanding termite elimination and prevention system in Perth.

Seasonal pests in and around Lathlain

pest control Lathlain

Our offices are located all throughout Perth and cover all surrounding suburbs such as Joondalup, Ellenbrook, Mount Helena, Armadale, Rockingham & Mandurah. We have an expert team of technicians that specializes in all pest and termite control services. Chambers Pest Solutions work hard to protect Suburb homes and businesses from pest problems. Being a local pest control company for over 25 years, we understand the characteristics of all pests in Perth.

Bed Bugs Lathlain

pest control Lathlain

In a high concentration area like Lathlain, bed bugs have become a common problem in Perth. It’s not just hotels that are at high risk, Chambers Pest Solutions have realized that bed bugs travel with people once they leave an infested establishment and enter homes. This was shown in a recent survey completed by over 40% of Australians. We can answer any questions that you have about Bed Bugs and help you take preventive measures.

Signs of Bed Bugs – Learn how to identify common signs of bed bugs at your home and call our Bed Bug Experts to treat them.

Bed Bug bites – Look for bites on your body when you wake up. Bed bugs cause a number of negative health effects that include rashes, psychological damage, and allergies.

How to get rid of Bed Bugs – We provide an effective bed bug control process in Lathlain, that will eliminate them.

Ant Control Lathlain

pest control Lathlain

Even though ants are considered harmless, they can be a common nuisance pest in homes and businesses. They are over 700 different specifies of ants in Perth and their nest are usually found behind walls, doors, furniture, appliance, kitchens and cabinets.

Identify characteristics and signs of ant infestations at your property, learn how to prevent ant problems and get rid of them with Chambers Pest Solutions.

Signs of Ants – Learn how to identify the common characteristics of ants.

How to Prevent Ants – Here are a few tips to prevent ant problems in your household or business property.

How to get rid of Ants – Ants can become a large nuisance if you ignore ant treatment earlier. They breed like crazy and ant colonies can expand at a significant rate.

Flea Control Lathlain

pest control Lathlain

Fleas are a common problem with homes and pets in Suburb. Fleas are carried by hairy animals like cats, dogs, rabbits, mice, rats, and livestock. While they are not painful, they can cause a lot of discomfort to the animal carrying them. Your pets can show symptoms of excessive scratching, biting, and grooming – This could be due to fleas. So, it is important know what fleas look like and how to identify signs of fleas. Read our tips to prevent flea problems and Chambers Pest solutions also provide a variety of methods to help you get rid of fleas in the future.

Our Pest Control experts in Lathlain provide professional flea control services to businesses and home to keep your family and pets safe.

Signs of Fleas – We will help you identify signs of fleas in your house or business property.

How to prevent Fleas – Read our simple tips to prevent flea problems and effective solutions to help you get rid of fleas in a few steps.

How to get rid of Fleas – Call Chambers Pest Solutions to treat your flea problem and keep your family and pets safe.

Bees and Wasps Control in Lathlain

pest control Lathlain

Wasps also known as hornets are a common pest problem in Lathlain. European wasps are the most common in Perth.

If there are a high number of wasps in your home or garden, it is most likely that there is a nest nearby. Learn how to locate the signs of wasp nests and act with caution when around a wasp nest, as wasp stings can be life threatening.

Wasps are not to be confused with bees, although they both have a painful sting, honey bees can attack when provoked, whereas wasps are naturally more aggressive.

The best action with preventing wasps is to remove the wasp nest in a safe way with Chambers Pest Solutions and avoid getting stung. We recommend that you arrange a professional wasp treatment with us and eliminate the wasps to keep your family, children, pets, and business safe from stings.

Signs of Wasps – It is important to recognise and identify the common signs of wasps in your home or garden.

Signs of Bees – Although bee stings can be painful, most people have a mild reaction. However, for those that are allergic to bee stings this can be fatal.

Bees and Wasps Control – Let our pest experts treat your wasp and bee problems and keep your family safe.

Other Pest Control Services in Lathlain

pest control Lathlain

Chambers Pest Solutions provide a whole variety pest control solution for all your pest issues. No matter what pest problem that you are facing, our pest controllers in Lathlain are equipped with the knowledge and experience to handle any pest.

So call us on (08) 9313 2871 or fill out the online contact form for us to keep your family and pets safe from pest problems.

Insects Control – We provide insect pest control services for home and businesses in Lathlain.

Flies Pest Control – House flies are the most common pest problem in households and carry many diseases and bacteria.

Silverfish Control – Silverfish are hard to spot as they are very small insects and feed on paper, packaged food and clothing.

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