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Dear Customer, During this challenging time, we want to provide you with an update on our response to the COVID-19 coronavirus health emergency. Home and workplace hygiene is more important than ever, and pest control prevents noxious pests from weakening the health and immune system of people. Our Team at Chambers Pest Solutions is focused on our ability to supply pest control services to you … Read More

termites control perth

Destroy silent destroyers silently: Regardless of the type of construction your home has, termites are bound to eat your house. Some stuffs of your home give an open invitation to termites to breed in your space. Your house has sufficient soil, wooden items and cellulose materials which are favourites of termites. Your wooden materials have a direct touch with soil which helps termites access in … Read More

bed bug

After a long day of business travel, energy-draining tourist activities, and exhausting backpacking journey, travellers check in to your hotel with the hope of recharging themselves on a comfortable bed to rest their body and have a peaceful sleep. Unfortunately, just the slightest hint of a bed bug infestation or worse – surprisingly woken up by a bed bug bite can be one of the … Read More



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