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Pest Control Service

Pestcontrolperth – Being a restaurant owner brings you certain responsibilities that might not readily click in your mind include Common Pests Found in Restaurants. While you primarily focus on preparing toothsome food for your visitors and training your staff, you might have ignored restaurant pest issues altogether. Well, you value aesthetics and hygiene, right? Cockroaches and rodents can eventually tarnish your reputation, even when you … Read More

Termite Treatment

Pestcontrolperth – Keeping your place clean and tidy is an uphill task. We’re not talking about the dusting, cleaning only, as sometimes you are exposed to some uninvited guests too, namely termite protection. Termites are such guests that promise not to leave your place without causing significant damages. Termites are popularly called “wood-eating” insects. Do you know that these stubborn insects have evolved from most … Read More

Cockroach Inspections

Pestcontrolperth – If you have grown up watching nature shows on Australian wildlife, you know it wins the hands-down extremes. Therefore, it is reasonable to expect the Australian outback to be larger and more terrifying than its many cousins worldwide, include Australian Cockroaches. According to the latest study, cockroaches do not bite. However, they can cut you with their heavy-leg spines. As their leg spine … Read More

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