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Pest Control in Perth

  Australia leads the world in the number of venomous spiders as well as the toxicity. However, of almost 10 000 species of spiders in 70 families throughout the country, most are harmless to humans. The Redback is the most well known Australian spider and found in all areas except the highest mountains and deep in the ocean. She can store sperm up to two … Read More

Here’s 10 things you may or may not know about Subterranean Termites in Perth :  They are the most common wood-destroying organism in the Australia. They cause more than $2 billion in damage each year. They need moisture to survive. Subterranean Termites are social insects that live in colonies that may contain hundreds of thousands of individuals. They eat anything containing cellulose but will tunnel … Read More

Frequently Asked Questions Do I need to empty my kitchen cupboards? No, it’s not necessary to empty cupboards as we apply a gel  to areas where cockroaches nest or harbour. No liquid sprays are applied to these areas. Is my cat / dog safe? There is no concern to the safety of animals since the amount of active constituent that they may take in, either … Read More

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