Termite baiting systems in Perth

The Nemesis termite baiting system is an Australian designed and developed termite baiting system aimed at eliminating a termite colony in a safe non-invasive way. The only other termite baits commercially available in Australia is Exterra and Sentricon both USA company owned products.

The Nemesis termite bait system is designed to provide you with Peace of Mind by intercepting foraging termites and concentrating their feeding in the Nemesis Stations. The Nemesis in ground stations containing non-toxic timber interceptors are embedded in the soil around the perimeter of your building. These are inspected on a regular basis until termites are intercepted.

At this point the Nemesis Bait matrix is added to the Station. The bait matrix is an insect growth regulator. A key component of a termite’s exoskeleton is the substance chitin. Without chitin termites cannot complete their natural moulting process. If they do not moult they die. This results in the elimination of the colony whilst avoiding the use of toxic chemicals in the environment.

When the colony has been eliminated, the Termite bait is removed and fresh timber interceptors are placed in the Stations. These Stations continue to be monitored on a regular basis.

How do Nemesis termite baiting systems work?

Initially we come out to your place and professionally assess how many in-ground stations your property needs. The manufacturer recommends placement of between 3 to 4 meters apart around the house. We normally say a minimum of 10 in-ground stations.

In our assessment we are always looking for the most conducive areas to install the stations. Sometimes that means right against the house or in the garden beds at the rear of the garden – wherever the termites might be foraging the most.

Will installing Nemesis Termite Baits around my house attract termites?

Definitely not. The Nemesis termite bait is added after the termites “find” or bump into the stations randomly and infest the timbers contained within. Termites cannot smell the timber buried in the soil.

Termites actually forage through the soil looking for new food sources at random. The Nemesis bait stations may allow existing termite activity to be detected and thereafter a baiting process can commence.

That’s not to say that there may be other termite colonies in other areas of your property. We do not recommend that you have a termite baiting system of any kind installed as a stand alone system except in cases where soil treatment is not possible.

How long will it take for the termite baiting system to control termites?

That depends on a lot of factors including, but not limited to, size of colony/ies, number of termites and time of year. Generally speaking, any baiting system can take from months to even years before control is established as a stand alone system. We only recommend using this method for monitoring termite activity in conjunction with soil treatment, or in situations where a soil treatment cannot be implemented.

Contact Chambers Pest Solutions (08)9313-2871 if you require more information or would like to make an appointment to set up a termite baiting system on your property in Perth.

Termite Baiting System Property Perth

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