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Australia leads the world in the number of venomous spiders as well as the toxicity. However, of almost 10 000 species of spiders in 70 families throughout the country, most are harmless to humans.

The Redback is the most well known Australian spider and found in all areas except the highest mountains and deep in the ocean. She can store sperm up to two years then lay 10 egg sacs, each containing about 250 eggs, and can repeat this a week later.

The Redback in Perth “venom is highly neurotoxic, which is to say that it attacks the central nervous system causing intense pain, profuse sweating, difficulty in breathing, loss of consciousness, violent convulsions and, finally…Death.”

Prior to the introduction of specific antivenom in 1956, Redbacks had been responsible for thirteen deaths in Australia. None since!

Most red back spiders in Perth are predators with eight legs, eight eyes, fangs and venom but the the most prominent feature is the ability to produce silk. Silk is used as a safety-line, to catch prey, wrap up prey and to make egg sacs.

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