Millepede Menace in Perth

Portuguese Millipedes were first recorded in Perth, Western Australia in 1986. Since then, they have prolifically spread throughout the cities and country of the state. This type of millipede is easily identifiable by its smooth, rather cylindrical body. They gather in large numbers and are on the move after the first Autumnal rains, as they start propagating at this time. In their natural environment, millipedes assist in breaking down organic matter. When numbers reach their apex and they invade buildings, these creatures become a real pest by damaging carpets, bedding and ruining food. In the garden, seedlings and fruits are privy to devastation.

Chambers Pest Solutions Perth recommends the following to prevent the misfortune of millipedes;

  • As much as possible, turn off outside lights close to buildings. Also minimise the escape of light through use of curtains, blinds and weather-strips on doors
  • Maintain door seals
  • Manage organic matter such as compost, leaf litter and mulch
  • Install smooth barriers. Millipedes cannot cross smooth, vertical or rounded surfaces. Attach these to walls, doorsteps, window ledges and vent bricks. Maintain these by keeping them clean and free from vegetation. There must be no breaks.

When left to themselves, millipedes create plagues. They have been known to enter premises due to the sheer amount in their population. These creepy crawlies have a disgusting smell, leave stains and can disrupt electrical equipment.

At Chambers Pest Solutions, we recommend our Perth Total Extermination Plan and we provide on-demand services that effectively remove this nasty pest for you. We also provide consultative and action services to prevent future reinfestation in your home. Don’t succumb to the millipede menace.

Contact us to prevent a plague now and give your family a worry-free Autumn!

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