How to control Rats in my roof?

Because rats and mice are most active at night in Perth, detection can initially be difficult. The easiest way detect the presence of rodents is evidence of droppings and urine, signs of damage from gnawing, locating nests – usually of paper/rags, and identifying sounds of their activity at night. Once rodent activity is detected, the approach to treatment is based on the species present and local conditions.

Roof rats are a carrier of many serious diseases including salmonella and leptospirosis and are notorious for spreading the flea responsible for carrying the bubonic plague, killing thousands throughout Europe in 1665.

Ring Chambers Pest Control Perth for any baiting program to obtain essential rapid control using the latest safer technology. Some of the older style rat baits are ineffective as the rodents have built up an immunity due to the widespread use of such baits during the past 30 years.

Our Technicians are licensed pest controllers who have access to commercial grade rat baits. These are strong effective baits which are true dehydratants and get rid of rats. The baits are designed so that once eaten the rats should leave the cavity.

Service warranty period may vary due to rat and mice species – the severity of the infestation – environmental factors that may promote reinfestation.

Chambers Pest Solutions are open 7 days a week, With over 20 years experience  we guarantee you will be satisfied with the results-

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