Have termites eaten your home?

In certain areas in Perth it is common to find termite damage and signs of previous termite activity.  There are pockets of homes spread across many Perth Suburbs which are located in termite active areas.

Termite Repair Perth are a locally owned and operated business specializing in the restoration and repair of all termite damage, at a fixed affordable price. Termites will eat just about anything that contains cellulose. They can start in a post or a joist and then travel to any other wood that is nearby.

Repairing termite damage is necessary, but only when termites are eliminated. Some repairs are simple, while others can be difficult. Structural termite damage is a difficult repair because wires and utilities often pass through the joists.

At Termite Repair we understand that finding a trusted, reliable repair and restoration technician can be a strenuous exercise. Our ability to complete jobs in a timely manner, while maintaining attention to detail and respect for a customers homes has allowed us to accomplish thousands of home repairs and become highly respected in our trade.

For more information and a free quote please call 0433386771

Best-Rate ensures you receive a professional job done right.  All our work is guaranteed.

Your one stop shop to repairing the damage done by termites with over 10 years experience, we are the only company in Perth who specialize in termite repair treatment.

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