Bad Wasps! Do not build nests on my home.

Bad Wasps! Do not build nests on my home

The most common wasp in Perth and greater Western Australia is the paper wasp. They are so named because the female insects build their nest by mixing plant material with saliva and creating cells similar to bee nests. Once her first batch of eggs have hatched, grown and helping maintain the nest, the female continues to build cells and lay eggs. The paper wasp is approximately 2 centimetres with slender wings and body that is tan, brown and yellow.

Chambers Pest Solutions recommends applying any of the following under eaves, around window and door frames, under pergolas and verandas to prevent nesting. Reapply several times a year. These suggestions prevent nest material from drying securely around the outside of your house:

  • Slice up a Velvet Soap, pop in a saucepan with water and gently heat on the stove. Once it is an emulsion, using a small paintbrush to apply
  • Apply a natural pyrethrum formulation – works for 2-4 weeks
  • Apply a latex paint

Although they are touted as beneficial for the garden by preying on insects that eat plants and flowers, paper wasps are still considered a pest due to their aggressive, territorial behaviour around their nest and food sources.

Wasp stings are destructive to the health of both your family and pets. Stings can induce everything including swelling, itching, pain as well as highly life-threating allergic reactions known as anaphylactic shock. Due to the risks, if you do have a wasp nest at your house, our advice is always get in a professional pest controller to remove it.

A professional has appropriate experience, training, equipment and protective clothing to stay safe and dispose of the nest correctly.

At Chambers Pest Solutions, we recommend our fantastic Perth Total Extermination Plan to effectively deal with wasps. We provide on-demand services to quickly and efficiently remove these pests for you. We also provide consultative and action services to prevent wasps nesting on your home.

We all move our living outside during summer, greatly increasing contact chances with wasps. What is the peace of mind at bbqs, parties as well as when your kids and pets are playing outside worth to you and your family?

Why not Contact us today and live worry free this summer!

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